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Focus: Device information



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the device information project aimed to reconsider the history of systems and components in post war 20th century architecture and to further reexamine the implications of cellular or componential approach in contemporary architectural design practise. this includes the modularization of skill and expertise, industrial production and construction systems as well as business models in post war architecture.



Central for Post-war architecture were processes of modularization that resulted in programmatic and material organizations of mass-production and standardization. Today there is a renewed interest in the component as an architectural approach. Mass-production and standardization is today often replaced by an interest in mass-customization and in the possibility for components to be systematically or parametrically differentiated or modulated in order to generate spatial, programmatic, infrastructural and material configurations that respond to local conditions and desires. The Panton curve is created by drawing concentric paths around a continually offset epicenter. To accurately construct the curve while leaving room for later experimentation, the design was broken into small, easily definable pieces.


I believe the success of this geometric design is owed to its harmonious ability to flow from one focal point to another. This project explored the Panton curves, and achieved diffracts of the concave surface and convex surface.

Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 1.03.14 PM


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