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FRD minimal surface


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In collaboration with: Margit Weiss

The Cell-Tales project takes its name from the cell, which can be explained as the smallest structural unit within a larger organization, and tale which is something that is fabricated a fiction, but most interestingly takes its name from the tell-tales which operates as indicators, used as guides when trimming a sail, or in cybernetics feedback mechanisms that involves sensory members that indicates performance. The project explored cellularity in architecture, its structural qualities, capabilities of providing enclosure and openings, and how cellular systems can allow for programmatic differentiation and discontinuities.

In the 60s the discourse on cellularity in architecture was focused around plug-ins and capsules, particularly in the work of architects such as the Metabolists and Archigram. Whereas minimal surfaces in architecture were most common in larger shell structures and long span roof structures as for example in the work of Heinz Isler and Candela. If subdivision was favored in the cellular strategies of the 60s, for the potential of growth and different aggregative scenarios etc, continuity was key to provide structural qualities of the large shell structures. The work developed in this project is situated somewhere in between these two extremes. On the scale of structure and enclosure the rigorous cellular design strategies that can negotiate between organizations based on subdivision and long span planar surface structures is developed.

Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 9.36.54 AM





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