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Tempo Vancouver

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People’s Choice Winner: Tempo Vancouver (#1068)

Design Team: Mania Aghaei Meibodi, Hamia Aghaiemeybodi, Emad Kashfi, Reza Asgari, and Navaz Fouladzari

The Tempo Vancouver* is a temporary structure proposal that symbolizes our contemporary society’s characters; speed, change, transformation and integration.
The form is in constant transformation as you walk along the struc
ture. You will conceive varies images depending on the speed of movement and your position. It is a form that embodies time, space and movement at the same time.

The Tempo structure engages both mind and body of people. Its two wings act as urban furniture that enables siting, leaning and laying down. The middle network of strings invite people to interact and connect. As viewers are looking through the string network, their eyes will meet accidentally. This visual connection is not planned; rather accidental and informal.

Besides a social and educational medium, the string network is also an interactive playground for children. Children are invited to play with small plastic balls that are installed on the strings, resulting in an interactive education.

*Tempo means the speed of motion and activity. 


customized CNC milled prefabricated wood panels , CNC prefabricated metal rail and

puring concrete into some of the blocks so that the structure do not flip or tilt in the case of strong wind on site.


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