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Location & Dates: Stockholm, Sweden, 2012

VoroShelf is inspired by the appearance and logic of Voronoi diagrams, and branching system of non-linear cellular networking of endothelial cells in the human lung. The shelf is consisting of nodes (joins) that are branching Veronoily. The length of branching varies in relation to the intended physical load of each shelf.  The joints and panels of the shelf are generated from a parametric algorithm model and are manufactured by CNC milling.  Given the models developed thus far, we were capable of measuring relative forces, rates of change amongst those forces, angles of attraction amongst nodes, and rules of proximity. Furthermore, these variables can be adjusted to create stable or unstable networks.



VoroShelf is a project that reflects on aesthetic of systems.  While aesthetic is a visual, a system are soft and functional oriented. Here we emphasis on nature where the structure and function of a system is intrinsic with the formal appearance and vice versa.

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