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Waterfront hotel









Water front Hotel temporary quarter “Hotel” is located 2km within Mazandaran province, 10 Km west side of Noor city and contiguity of shore‘s road. This complex as the other temporary quarter complex within north of Iran serve an enormous number of tourist during the thermal season and Noroz (Persian New Year)’s vacation.

The area of the site Is 20,000 square per meter. The rectangular site has the width of 100 meter and length of 200 meter, situated 100 meter south of shore road. The residential and public areas in are located in south and north of the site with a gap in between. This create a sanctum residential area and provide a different resources and functions within each of the mentioned area.

One of the remedy to prevent the penetration of humidity in this region is using the advantage of the sea breeze and provide a cross ventilation within the building.

In the case of cross-ventilation, (windows open on both sides of the room/building) the pressure difference is used between the side of the building facing the wind and the side away from the wind. The positive pressure on the windward and/or a vacuum effect on the lee side of the building cause air movement whit-in the building from the windward to the lee side. In order to obtain the optimal airflow with minimal draught, the windows on the windward side are opened less than on the lee side.


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