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“Material Performances” exhibition at Harvard University Graduate School of Design

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 Images © Harvard University, Graduate School of Design

Material Performances: Fibrous Tectonics
Achim Menges, curator
Photo: Justin Knight

“Material Performances” exhibition featuring work of the Material Performance Studio, Fall 2013,  at Harvard University Graduate School of Design.

The exhibition reveals a new understanding of the material in architecture that may enable a new concept of materiality in our society. These projects explore “the notion of material performance, its manifold and its deep interrelations with technology, biology and culture as a central field of architectural inquiry”.  This approach is achievable through advances in the design computation, material computation and technologies of materialization.

These project follow a deign philosophy in which designer engage material into design processes as an active participants in form generation rather than being imposed to a predefined form. the exploration seeks new material cultures within the context of the ever accelerating integrative technologies of design computation and robotic fabrication, with a particular focus on advanced fiber composite materials.

Read more about this on the GSD Harvard.


2 comments on ““Material Performances” exhibition at Harvard University Graduate School of Design

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