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Hamia Aghaiemeybodi, Architect, M.Arch. SAR/MSA, MBA

Hamia, educated in Stockholm, Kuala Lumpur and Tehran, receiving his professional degrees from KTH (M.Arch) and Shahidbeheshti (M.Arch) schools of Architecture. His main interest involves the use of digital fabrication and material techniques in design to explore architectural potential of new digital technologies.  He is concerned with material property, performance and economy across all scales of design.

Hamia is co-founder and the chief architect of meonia, an architecture firm based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Hamia works at Moriyama & Teshima Architects, where he is heading Computational Design Unit (CDU). At, Moriyama & Teshima Architect, he is also a core member in the Digital Design and Research team, a multi-disciplinary team consisting of architects, engineers, planners, and visionaries focusing on project-driven research of digital and computational design and fabrication as it relates to the architectural process. In Stockholm, Hamia is a registered architect and a core member of Dsearch, a digital development environment, at White Architects, Stockholm office.

Hamia has been working in collaborative environment and with international projects, which vary in scale from strategic masterplans, to wide range of cultural, residential and commercial. Beside his practice, he has been active in academia and education. He has published internationally and been a lecturer as well as invited critic at D&M architecture Studio at Lulea University of Technology as well as Studio11: Fabricating landscape at KTH School of Architecture in Stockholm.



Mania Aghaei Meibodi, Architect, Ph.D, Lic.Eng, M.Arch, SAR/MSA

Mania is principle architect at meonia Architecture and Design practice. She is Senior Researcher and the board member at digital Building Technologies (dbt) at the Department of Architecture, ETH Zurich;

Her research focuses on ways of creating geometrically complex architecture based on the close interplay between computational design, digital fabrication and new materials. At DBT, she exploits the potential of additive manufacturing (AM) for designing and realising geometrically complex forms. In this context, she uses AM to fabricate mould with complex inner and outer features, which then is used to form cast concrete, aluminium and glass parts with any geometric complexity and surface detailing.

Mania studied architecture at KTH school of Architecture in Stockholm, Sweden, receiving a Master of architecture in 2008, and a Ph. D. in Architecture with specialty in Architectural Technology in 2016.

Mania was senior lecturer at KTH University where she directs the “Artifacts in the making” project as well as advance seminar graduate courses. She was the representative of doctoral scholars at ResArc, The Swedish Research Schools in Architecture, and an active member of “Architecture in the making” platform as well as editorial group for Urban Future project in KKH. She founded and directed the Design & Making studio for graduate studies in 2009. She has been teaching computational geometry in architecture since 2007. She has also lectured at numerous universities such as ETH Zurich, KTH (Sweden), LTU Sweden, Charlmers (Sweden), LUCT along with being a guest jury at AA school of Architecture, Barttlet, USC, UCLA, SFU,  Carlton University and internal jury at studio 9 at KTH school of architecture  for student critics.










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