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Hyperboloid rig

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Instrumentalising Hyperboloid of Revolution Geometry, using it as a tool to correlate multiple domains for design exploration. Geometric representation in design may be a vehicle to correlate different domain. In this case, the hyperboloid of one sheet correlate the structural, formal and constructional domains. In other words, the geometry has the capacity to represent design in multiple domains of structure and construction.

Image credit Pedram Danesh Bahabadi

Image credit Pedram Danesh Bahabadi

Here we asked, what are the surface conditions that are of interest at the borderline of design representations (geometry and material both as design representation) and the actual physical realisation (actual building realisation)?

The overall form of the hyperboloid surface together with its doubly ruled property, the existence of two sets of intersecting lines across the surface, make it both structurally stable and constructionally conventional form. The intersecting lines across the surface create a diagrid over it, which results in a structurally stable form. These straight lines are also capable of being interpreted and translated as linear building elements (ex. beams). Correlating the design, structural and constructional domains visually, these lines were used to guide the composition, structural support and scale assembly of hypar components into one coherent installation.

Image credit  Andrés Mongrut-Steane

Image credit Andrés Mongrut-Steane

Physical hand-made models :

Exploring design possibilities and constructability of the Hyperboloid of Revolution Geometry through various of physical models.

Photo credit Amund Vadel

Photo credit Amund Vadel

Hyperboloid of Revolution Geometry

Photo credit Amund Vadel

Photo credit Amund Vadel

Photo credit Amund Vadel

Key words:

Double curved surface, ruled surface, Hyperboloid of one sheet, structural surface, and constructional surface, search for correlating domains




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