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The symbiotic of the traditional and contemporary prefabricate wood architecture in Sweden.
The pavilion consists of primary frames and secondary vertical-foldable louvers. The end of each vertical louver is articulated in a Vertebrae fashion, which allows for interlocking of one louver to its neighbor louvers. Thus creating a spine effect. Many physical models were built in parallel to the digital geometrical model, in order to test the overall and local behavior of the structure. The design of the pavilion was advantaged from nature by mimicking the behavior and performance of spines, joints and bones in human body.
Instructors: Mania Meibodi and Hamia Aghaiee
Students carried the design to production of the pavilion: Emma Viklund, Erik Hidman, Johan Levol and Federico Puggioni
We would like to thank above mentioned students who provided images, including my colleagues Pooya Vahdati, as well as others who participated in the final assembly


Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 14.31.15

1394361_167714120094205_77041713_nScreen Shot 2015-04-03 at 14.28.35


A 20-meter long and 4 meter high pavilion was built as a permanent structure for holding informal exhibitions. The program required a lightweight wood structure which its inside area could be merged with the rest of the site when needed. All kind of consumer CNC machines from 3 axes CNC milling, Laser cutter and 3d printers could be used within the for design exploration, however the final production was constrained to be produced low-tech and through local manufacturer or carpenter. The use of topological surface for this project was forbidden and production of curvilinearity had to be through assembly of parts rather than rationalizing the topological surface.

DSC_0458 998082_586037444772451_247957071_n524433_586037304772465_1868818185_n





From Stroboscopic to Parametric


1075875_586037874772408_887795997_nScreen Shot 2015-04-03 at 01.47.10



image (7) image (4)-1 image (5)










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