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Honeycomb pavilion



The hexagonal structural system of the pavilion is derived from the honeycomb structure in nature to reach economical efficiency in terms of material. Since the used material (Masonite) is poor in compression and shear properties, nesting it in the hexagonal pattern increases these properties in the whole structure. The hexagon tiles the surface with minimal surface area. A honeycomb shape structure in nature provides a structure with minimal density and archives relatively high out-of-plane compression and shear properties. Therefore, the kind of structure that has the geometry of a honeycomb allows the minimization of the amount of used material to reach minimal weight and minimal material cost.

cutting-edge        39

The Multifunctional Pavilion project was a successful vehicle to test the integration of environmental and structural responsibilities as one body in architecture through the material compositions. It proved the integrative computational design method as a successful approach towards the goal. Material and fluid behaviours were efficiently predicted within the FEM and CFD models respectively and influenced the generation of form in design model through defined variables within algorithms.

The development of algorithms that contain variables and parameters allowed for integration of the geometric data at the design stage directly with the necessary environment and structural simulation feedbacks data. The development of parametric algorithm in the geometric model allowed preparing data for CNC manufacturing throughout the entire process. This generative process, combined with the use of CNC fabrication technology in timber construction, allowed the production of four comparable models: The Design Model, the two Simulation Models and the Economy Model of the built pavilion itself

diagram-of-surface73515_149734411892176_1481162696_n (1)


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