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2015  Tessmann, O & Aghaei Meibodi, M .

Formwork Performance –On concrete/formwork interaction

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2014 Aghaei Meibodi, M & Tessmann, O.

 Hy[perbolic] par[aboloid]: Matter and geometry in a generative  dialogue

What’s the Matter, Materiality and Materialism at the Age of Computation,  International Conference, COAC, ETSAB, ETSAV, Barcelona, September 4-5-6,  2014, proceedings 

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2013 Aghaei Meibodi, M. Aghaeimeybodi, H.

Architectural “Making” Modes in Relation to Prototype Notions.

Design Modelling Symposium: “Rethinking Prototyping”, Berlin, proceeding. p.503-516 13 p. peer-review › Article in proceedings. sept 2013

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2012 Aghaei Meibodi, M.

Manifested in form: tensions between utility and form in the digital design of architecture.

Licentiate thesis / Luleå University of Technology, Sep 2012 Luleå: Luleå tekniska universitet

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2012 Aghaei Meibodi, M. & Aghaiemeybodi, H.

Symbiosis of structural & non-structural properties in building: Integrating structural behavior in the generative computational processes goes beyond instrumentality. P.602-606

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2012 Aghaei Meibodi, M. & Aghaiemeybodi, H.

The Synergy between Structure & Ornament: A Reflection on the Practice of Tectonic in the Digital and Physical Worlds

“Digital Physicality | Physical Digitality”, eCAADe  2012: The 30th International Conference on Education and research in Computer Aided Architectural Design in Europe September 12-14 2012 , Prague, Czech Republic. Prague, Vol.2, p.245-254. 10 p.

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2011 M. Aghaei Meibodi, M.

Technological Advances in Design and Construction: Bridging the Gap between the Conception Stage and the Manufacturing Process.

Construction: Essays on Architectural History, Theory & Technology”, Annual International Conference on Construction, ATINER, Athens, Greece, 2011.

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2010 ed. Mania Aghaei Meibodi (architect), Johan Berg (architect), Björn Berglund (civil engineer and historian), Michael Dudley (architect) , Pernilla Glaser (writer), Karl Hallding (social scientist and engineer), Sergio Montero Bravo (designer), Henrietta Palmer  (professor in architecture), Sara Peny (architect and planner), Måns Tham (architect) , Philippe Vandenbroeck (systems thinker and scenario planner).

Beyond Fossil

Pdf: Leaflet for the bookproject, work on in collaboration between The Royal Institute of Art, Environmental Technology and Management at Linköping University and Stockholm Environmental Institute.





2009 Mania Aghaei Meibodi, Per Aase, Maria Andersson, Patricia Aramburu, Gerard Barangé Brun, Björn Berglund, Pernilla Glaser, Olivier Gras, jakob Ingemansson, kalle Landin, Anna Maria Larson, Mikael Lindahl, karin Lindh, Sergio Montero Bravo, jennifer Rainsford, Magnus Stenmark, Måns Tham, Mikael Varhelyi, Henrietta Palmer, Michael Dudley

The Fifth Ecology: Los Angeles Beyond Desire

Pdf: An urban planning proposal for the Los Angeles River area in downtown Los Angeles. Developed by the post graduate course “Resources 08: Los Angeles Beyond Desire” at The Royal Collage of Fine Arts, Stockholm Sweden.



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